What REALLY is Common Core

Ham presented this paper at the BPS Community Forum meeting on Common Core, 9-12-2013; held at the BPS Viera complex, .

It should go without saying, but warrants repeating; that no one has a greater right than the parents to determine what is best for their child. Continue reading

Audit of Bill Gates Buying Influence over 50 Million Students

Ya know, it seems more and more each day, that some say America is a country of “Sheeple”.  We are no longer the self-directing individuals, thinking for themselves and their families; a hallmark of our great country…and the light that brought so many to our shores. But, along with that assertion, must come the reality that so much of what is fact, is not offered to the “masses” by way of the Media, ie; Florida Today, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS MSNBC, etc, etc. I find this article to be quite compelling, with all of its references for authentication..

A big thanks to Mercedes Schneider, of http://deutsch29.wordpress.com/ for her great work. This is an ongoing series.

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