Common Core From A Fighting Dad

As a disabled Viet Nam era Marine and the father of a 15 year old son, I have been fighting Common Core since 2008, when hearing about Federal bride to states known as Race To The Top. RTTT was foisted upon my state. I smelled a rat and was right. Simply stated,Common Core removes parents from directing their child’s education, allows an unconstitutional intrusion by the Fed to indoctrinate and to psychologically manipulate our children.
Here in Florida, Gov. Scott, along with Reps. Workman & Tobia, for the love of money and influence , has sold us out. He and his ilk, by tweeking around the edges of the CC standards, leaving 98% unchanged, then changing the name of the Common Core standards to the Florida Sunshine State Standards. Please, we parents and teachers of Florida are not that dumb; “putting lipstick on a pig is still a pig”.
The standards are still the same untested Common Core Standards. There are millions of us out there across the country, that see this for what it is from an administration out of control and will continue to fight.
Semper Fi,
“…whoever has the youth has the future”
Mein Kampf
Adolfo Hitler


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