PICK’N PEOPLE..a.k.a., Sorting Through The 2014 Primaries

Today, I can say that some issues are very important to me. Common Core is at the top of that list, for the future of our country depends on education, which for so long has been in the wrong hands as it was stealthily changed before our eyes.

In Mien Kampf, Hitler wrote, “if you have the children, you have the future”. So I use this issue, and others to a lesser degree, to measure candidates, especially those that are not forthright.


When it comes to judges, like many, I vote out of total ignorance and just guess when voting. So much information is hidden..or so it seems. What I have done to find qualifications for this group, to the best of my ability is ;a) find true party affiliation, b) determine whom or what party they support.It’s the old adage of, “If you lay down with dogs, you get up with fleas”. Continue reading


Dear Mr. Crisafulli,


I understand that you are looking for re-election campaign help. You have purported being a Conservative, and in the past, even though you are not my Representative, but on your word, I spoke in your favor at different citizen’s meetings throughout Brevard county. My wife and I are parents of a 15-year-old high school student.I have researched Common Core since first learning of it and the Trojan Horse know as RACE TO THE TOP in 2008. While trying to find your number to arrange a meeting with you, I accidentally called your business office and spoke with your mom. Of course she was very proud of you and remarked that, “you would always do the right thing“. Continue reading