The revisionist history of the left has once again made it under the radar and into our Brevard schools. The ones that are tasked with overseeing our county educational system have failed us again. Released in 2012 it will be the history course that our best and brightest will see; for many of them it will be the last history course they will take.

David Coleman, a man who is unelected, is not a standards expert nor is a teacher has stealthfully brought a new version of AP History (APUSH) into Brevard Schools. This is the same David Coleman, along with Bill Gates and Jeb Bush, that spearheaded the Unconstitutional Common Core down our throats and into our nation’s and Florida’s school system. Last night, I was allowed my 3 minutes to speak before the school board and except for Amy Knesseey, all I saw were blank stares. Not very encouraging. There were no questions about this appalling distortion of America’s history now in Brevard schools. In a nutshell, the new APUSH course presents ; “the history of the United States is a history of exportation, imposed suffering, forced labor,exportation, class oppression,racism, sexism, and the rule of the privileged few over everyone else.”

At the end of this piece I have provided a source document for any and all information concerning APUSH and the left’s attack on the accurate American history. Peter Woods, President of the National Association of Scholars, has laid out exactly what the new APUSH is and isn’t. Continue reading