Besides the well documented problems of Common Core such as the Unconstitutional federal takeover of our children’s education, Data mining, poor math and literature standards, age inappropriate materials and removing the parent from the decision-making of their child(s) education; we can now add to it, less time allocated to teach our children. All in the name of money!

This decision was authored by the Brevard County School Board.This decision was void of the advice of the parents as well..only the BCSB and the Brevard Federation of Teachers Union,(BFTU) made the decision. Instead of fighting to stop Common Core and it’s unconstitutional federal takeover of our children’s education, the School Board, on multiple occasions, despite the out cries of parents, teachers and students, caved in the name of money!

As I have pointed out in other posts, Common Core is nothing more than a FREEDOM stealing liberal indoctrination scheme, with the ultimate aim of controlling all aspects of American lives. How? If Common Core is allowed to stand, they will accomplish that by “directing” our children towards the “careers” that will most benefit the “Global Workforce”.


In the recent past, BCSB lengthened the school days, disrupting families and work schedules, with middle school students arriving midmorning and not being released until until 4:15 PM. All because the BCSB didn’t plan for replacing school buses. Now representatives of the BCSB and the Brevard Federation of Teachers Union have “fought to give teachers more time to plan, grade papers and interact with parents”, short changing the students and parents once again. All without the input of the parent.

Consider Rockledge resident Lissa Stephan who described her experience with early release as a “nightmare.” In the past, her daughter was just out of range to qualify for busing, so she would have to walk just short of two miles home from school on early release days. At the time, her daughter was 13 and there were parts of her trip along roads without sidewalks.

According to Florida Today. former Central Middle School teacher, Michele Hooker,  said the early release “will indeed create some instructional issues.” “I personally think our 45-minute daily classes are too short as it is. We barely get into a lesson or discussion and it’s time to pack up. Early release days cut lesson time down to just 30 minutes. The whole day becomes wasted instructional time. If we struggle getting lessons in already, how does this make it better?”  “A better plan, in my opinion, for providing teachers with planning time would be quarterly planning days around the end of the marking period – and to make sure there is no professional development on those days, only uninterrupted teacher grading and planning time. Too bad that the BCSB and the BFTU didn’t seek advice outside of themselves.


Common Core has brought this upon us. Our Florida Representatives and Senators have left parents, teachers and children “swinging from the rope” as they benefit financially and politically from this Jeb Bush/Bill Gates scheme. The BCSB chose not to stand up to our legislature; just as they stood idly by and allowed the “White Privileged” AP History course to be taught in our schools; without ever reviewing it.

Besides the age inappropriate materials; parents, students and teachers alike are experiencing the overwhelming testing that is central to Common Core. A testing schedule, with tests that were never validated, that do not allow teaching to the individual’s student’s strengths and/or weaknesses, but one that forces the teacher to shortcut what he/she knows is the best way to teach their students. According to many teachers I have spoken with, they spend more time preparing for the unconstitutionally based tests than actually teaching the subject. Does our BCSB stand up for our children, parents and teachers…nope!

Our school board continues to run from the job they were elected to do.

The projected cost of these unconstitutional and unproven tests is in the billions to the taxpayer; and in turn, represents billions in profits to private entities, to create, produce, administer and grade these tests.This without even considering the 411 Data Mining points on each child and the untold profit for selling this information.

But the real cost of Socialism and Common Core will be the loss of FREEDOM and the future that was constitutionally guaranteed for our children by the blood, fortune and sacred honor of the Armed Forces and our Founding Fathers.




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