PARENTS Right of Choice for their Kids

Recently, my wife and I went before a Book Reconsideration Committee to ask that the novel, BELOVED be removed from the Media Centers of all Brevard County Public Schools. This was done after meeting with the teacher and the pro-book principle.

BELOVED is a novel that features, among other things, ghosts, rape, bestiality and pedophilia. My wife and myself felt that it was age inappropriate for 14-17 year olds.

This piece is in response to an article by Mr. Torres, Satellite High ban of ‘Beloved’ book fails published in the Florida Today newspaper, this past Saturday and Sunday. Since Mr. Torres had not spoken with my wife or me as he did with members of the “committee” and Ms Van Meter, the head of Curriculum for Brevard County Schools, I felt it imperative that the complete story of why we protested this book be presented.

As parents, it is our duty to our son, to be very involved in his education and what influences he receives through that process. Life is tough enough, without altering reality. If involvement means going before a committee,that is hand-picked by the principle, which includes a former student of the teacher whose class the book is presented ,  so be it.

This work of fiction, is available to ALL students in High School Medica Centers; meaning that kids, age 14 on up, have access. In this course, there were 100s of other books to choose from to be on “the list of 10”, given to these children, without having to resort to this work of fiction with its attendant explicit language etc.


The fact is, books, like BELOVED, containing fictitious, inappropriate, explicit, sexual language and descriptive sexual acts; as well as detailed descriptions of body parts and the composition of bodily fluids, for 14-year-old to 17-year-old children for high school credit is wrong…by any author. Continue reading