An update that I failed to mention in my Part 2 post.

After the District Level Materials Challenge, I emailed our Brevard School Board representative, Mrs. Amy Kneessy and explained how Penny and I both were denied being able to record the meeting. I told her how Ms Gina Clark and Ms. VanMeter both said that we were required first to notify the committee of our intentions. They then went on to say that the committee felt “uncomfortable” in being recorded. I asked Mrs. Kneessy if indeed, we were not allowed to record at public meetings?

She contacted the legal representative for the school board and then  informed us the next day that Ms. VanMeter and Ms Gina Clark were both wrong in denying myself and Penny the right to record the meeting. We should of been allowed to record the meeting without interference. In fact, due to this blatant “oversight”, a county wide memo went out the next day, alerting all in the Brevard County School System that public meetings may be recorded.


My last post I explained the process in challenging a book,BELOVED in the public school system and our (Penny and mine), experience in working with the School Level Materials Challenge.

This post concerns the next step, which was the District Level Materials Challenge, which was held at Satellite HS. The committee of 13 were hand-picked by either the principle, Mr Elliott and/or Ms. Gina Clark, the District Library Media Resource Teacher.

I was running late,so Penny was tasked with presenting our part to the “unbiased” committee. Unknown to me until later, Continue reading