I can best understand something by experiencing it myself, or by someone who has experienced it, honestly recounting the details of that experience.   does so pointedly; engaging in heart-felt moments of exploitation, survival and renewed understanding in A Rape Survivor speaks Out About Transgender Bathrooms. Just one of the fronts that the LGBT crowd pushes, Transgender bathrooms are a disaster in the waiting! This begs us to focus on women’s and children’s God-given rights. Continue reading


Today, I find it amazing that in a nation founded on God-given truths, and demonstrated since the first humans stepped on earth, that the obvious, we are told, is not so; that a penis is not a penis. The argument of the LGBT crowd in their quest to be considered “normal”, and therefore having the ability to be “common type”. By definition, according to Webster; “Normal is occurring naturally”. So penis = male and vagina = female; no matter what someone may say or wish..these are the facts!

I have a friend at work who is female and is “married” to another female, whom my friend refers to as her “wife”. The “wife” had a hysterectomy, but my friend..the “husband”, is trying in vitro  fertilization, to become pregnant. Yes, in my eyes, a confused individual.  But that she calls herself a “husband”, in no matter of form or wish, makes her one. Man-splaining nails the pitfalls of allowing the lines between male and female to be blurred in our society.. Continue reading



Are you like me and at times, feel overwhelmed? That no matter what you do…no one… or at the very least , very few are listening? That there seems to be a new crisis daily or a new “cause” to champion among the left. We fight the daily Common Core indoctrination shoved down our children’s throats along with age inappropriate text. What the hell is going on.

Fortunately, I found this piece on the website . It explained in wonderful and simple detail exactly what is happening and what can be done to “turn our ship of state” back in the direction that our founding fathers had designed. The good news is 2 fold; that the TOOLS OF THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA, HOLLYWOOD,WANNABE DICTATORS AND ACADEMIA are age-old and not new. They, aka the oppressors, cannot survive where free expression and free association is practiced.

Read on absorb, and push back!

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Here is a Valentine’s love letter from Mr. Eric Miller, RPOF State Committeeman for Martin County to Vice Chairman, RPOF  Mr. Joe Gruters. It is very telling of the  “REPUBLICAN’T” party as a whole, both locally and nationally. Basically, Mr Miller is afraid of the “appearance” of impropriety due to Mr Gruters’ position with the RPOF and simultaneously being Chairman of Trump’s Florida campaign.

14 February 2016

Mr. Vice Chairman:              

As Americans we once again find ourselves at a crossroads as a Nation. We are at this juncture by no other reason than our own.  I am sending this open letter to you with the sense that if those with influence do not speak out now, we will all pay a heavy price when Liberty is lost and darkness consumes our Nation.

With Progressive elements now in control of leadership across both sides of the aisle, be cautioned that the Republican Party will either be known in history as the vehicle that solidified a National Socialist as President or we will be remembered as the people that restored our great Nation to a Constitutional Republic.

We can no longer feed our desire to “win at all costs” as Republicans and Americans with malevolent pomposity. It is time that we all begin to perform our political duties not in our own interests but based on our common American principles of Liberty.

Joe, I know you well enough to say that you are not the unprincipled shell of a man that Donald Trump is. Nor do you wish to bring harm to the name Republican. However, your position as Florida Co-Chairman of the Donald Trump for President Campaign is doing just that.

You are not the issue. Your title and how it is being viewed are the matter at hand.

I am respectfully asking that you choose between your office as Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and the position of Florida Co-Chairman with Mr. Donald Trump. The two positions create a contradiction of principle and do not allow for or give the appearance of unbiased behavior as Vice Chairman of the third largest Republican State in the Union.

I am sure that I echo a loud voice when I say that we would welcome the opportunity to have you on our side as a Party leader and as our Vice Chairman in Florida. Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter. I will pray that you are guided to make an ethical decision that is based on the principles of American Constitutionality and one that reflects best on our Grand Old Party.


Eric D. Miller

RPOF State Committeeman

Martin County


Mr Miller,

Talk about “malevolent pomposity”!

Sir, not to worry, the “name” of the “REPUBLICAN’T”  party of Florida has long been sullied! It is no longer the party of Lincoln, but a corrupt, double-dealing, exploiting machine, both locally and nationally. Continue reading