Here is a Valentine’s love letter from Mr. Eric Miller, RPOF State Committeeman for Martin County to Vice Chairman, RPOF  Mr. Joe Gruters. It is very telling of the  “REPUBLICAN’T” party as a whole, both locally and nationally. Basically, Mr Miller is afraid of the “appearance” of impropriety due to Mr Gruters’ position with the RPOF and simultaneously being Chairman of Trump’s Florida campaign.

14 February 2016

Mr. Vice Chairman:              

As Americans we once again find ourselves at a crossroads as a Nation. We are at this juncture by no other reason than our own.  I am sending this open letter to you with the sense that if those with influence do not speak out now, we will all pay a heavy price when Liberty is lost and darkness consumes our Nation.

With Progressive elements now in control of leadership across both sides of the aisle, be cautioned that the Republican Party will either be known in history as the vehicle that solidified a National Socialist as President or we will be remembered as the people that restored our great Nation to a Constitutional Republic.

We can no longer feed our desire to “win at all costs” as Republicans and Americans with malevolent pomposity. It is time that we all begin to perform our political duties not in our own interests but based on our common American principles of Liberty.

Joe, I know you well enough to say that you are not the unprincipled shell of a man that Donald Trump is. Nor do you wish to bring harm to the name Republican. However, your position as Florida Co-Chairman of the Donald Trump for President Campaign is doing just that.

You are not the issue. Your title and how it is being viewed are the matter at hand.

I am respectfully asking that you choose between your office as Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and the position of Florida Co-Chairman with Mr. Donald Trump. The two positions create a contradiction of principle and do not allow for or give the appearance of unbiased behavior as Vice Chairman of the third largest Republican State in the Union.

I am sure that I echo a loud voice when I say that we would welcome the opportunity to have you on our side as a Party leader and as our Vice Chairman in Florida. Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter. I will pray that you are guided to make an ethical decision that is based on the principles of American Constitutionality and one that reflects best on our Grand Old Party.


Eric D. Miller

RPOF State Committeeman

Martin County


Mr Miller,

Talk about “malevolent pomposity”!

Sir, not to worry, the “name” of the “REPUBLICAN’T”  party of Florida has long been sullied! It is no longer the party of Lincoln, but a corrupt, double-dealing, exploiting machine, both locally and nationally.

Locally, consider the Jeb Bush promoted Common Core State Standards. This Unconstitutional, Data Mining, Propagandizing, Individual destroying,Socialist entity was crammed down our throats by the REPUBLICANT” party of Florida,all guided by Jeb Bush. The REPUBLICANT”  party, then and to this day, ignores the outcry and pleadings of parents and the citizens of Florida against this illegal intrusion of the federal government into the education of our children.  

Talk about “malevolent pomposity”! 

The “REPUBLICANT” party of Florida considers it’s citizens so stupid…that just changing the name from CCSS to Sunshine State Standards would be enough to make us believe that the standards were actually changed. More two-faced, unprincipled, profiteering behavior of the Florida “REPUBLICANT” party.  Yes,  “Progressive elements are in control” right here in Florida; in aREPUBLICANT” controlled Governor’s office and congress.

Talk about “malevolent pomposity”! 

Nationally, consider the 2012 REPUBLICANT  National Convention. There, a FAUX REPUBLICANT” vote to nefariously control delegate votes, was “taken”. This fine example of reprobate, underhanded and treacherous behavior was shown, (on video) to the world, illustrating that the REPUBLICANT” party can and will go to any venal, knavish and faithless length, to ignore the wishes of the people, all for it’s own benefit.

Talk about “malevolent pomposity”!

Yes,  “Progressive elements are in control”,right here in America; in aREPUBLICANT” controlled congress. You only need to look at the Rubio/Shumer Amnesty bill, or the funding of Planned ParentHood,or the non-vetted Moslems, or the illegal immigrants who will become Democrat voters and forever change our nation as founded, to understand why we Americans are absolutely and totally disgusted with the “REPUBLICANT” party.  

Talk about “malevolent pomposity”! 

So you see Mr. Miller,  considering your supplication of an..“ethical decision that is based on the principles of American Constitutionality and one that reflects best on our Grand Old Party”; and in light of the information I referenced above, and with you, being one of  “those with influence”;  your plea to Mr Gruters, is to me, either, based on ignorance or disingenuous. For after all, we citizens of Florida have been shown time and again by the “REPUBLICANT” party, both locally and nationally, that we are not considered one of.. “those with influence”, and our wishes are second class. Anything is better than President Obama, Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders; who have seen  7.5 years,(really longer), of a very malleable, quiescent and nonexistent Republican Party as founded. Instead, we have the “REPUBLICANT” party that should have been the party of opposition and therefore defending the citizens of the United States of America; but by whose very inactions/actions, have caused and continue to cause great harm to American.

Talk about “malevolent pomposity”!

I applaud Mr. Gruters for doing what he thinks is best for our state and country. In America, that is his choice. Additionally Mr Miller, please correct me if I am wrong; but isn’t Mr Trump running for the Republican nomination? So exactly what exactly is meant when you say,..I say that we would welcome the opportunity to have you on our side”. I assume your side is the “REPUBLICANT” party, and therefore, you are representing.. “those with influence”, aka; the Elite, Aristocratic,Upper Class, when you speak of our side”.

Even thou Mr. Trump is not my choice, I revere the fact that Mr.Gruters is standing up against the “REPUBLICANT” party; the party of the Elite, and by doing so is demonstrating that Lincoln’s party, in one small area is still alive and well. Be rest assured that we, the Conservatives of this great nation, will bring the power back to the people, as our framers made clear.

 C. Hamilton Boone

“In God’s economics of life, relationships are of the greatest value”


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