The world sees multiple beheadings, burnings and drownings of Christians and other Muslims by Muslims …and our President is mute. The President allows the America/Israel hating Islāmic State of Iran having sanctions removed, and billions of dollars given to these cowards that hate anyone different from them. All the while,our President is blind and mute to the responsibility of protecting Americans and their allies.  He chooses only to see what is good for Iran/Islam, while choosing to be completely blind the safety of our children and those of our allies, the world…and other Muslims.

I see our president and Sec of State, helping the Islamist cowards grow by creating a vacuüm in Libia that allowed ISSL and others, a place for their hatred of anyone different to grow. The President is mute..offering some very inconsequential drone attacks, while the radical Muslim/Islāmic cowards spread their hate Westward.

I saw the attached image above and instantly thought of the Barbary Pirates that held the newly founded America and it’s citizens hostage or sold them as slaves. Torture was common place as well. Over 1 million Europeans faced the same fate, with Americans being held captive for over 10 years.

So who were the Barbary Pirates; they were “devote” Muslims, of 4 Muslims states in North Africa. These “devote” Muslims followed the writings of Mohammed. BTW, a “good” Muslim is one who follows Mohammed’s life as closely as possible; and to put it bluntly, Mohammed was a murderer, rapist and pedophile of epic proportions. 

The “devote” Muslims blackmailed us for millions of dollars for “safe passage” of our ships in the Mediterranean seas. They did so, attacking and capturing our Mediterranean trade ships and then imprisoning or selling the crew into slavery. Only if we paid the “tribute”, would we have not have these attacks. We did so for a few years and then, Thomas Jefferson was elected.

Finally, President Jefferson came into office and warned the Muslims to stop attacking our ships and holding Americans prisoners. BTW, most prisoners were tortured. The USMC went in there and kicked their butts. Thus the verse in the Marine Corps Hymn,..”to the shores of Tripoli”.

They marched through the desert to reach their goal. The Muslims were completely stunned that these men of the “Infidel” could make it through such harsh and unfamiliar terrain and still have the strength to…, as I said, kick their butts.

Seems to me, that history is repeating itself, except that now, we have a President, whose every move is against American and her allies..all the while, supporting and enriching the radical, Sharia loving Islāmic cowards who choose to murder men, women and children; all because we do not think the way they do.

Our President  always does that which benefits the Islāmic cowards,.always at the cost of the individual freedom for America, her allies and the free world.

There is not one instance where this is not so.


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