Not Islamic Terrorists, but Conservatives are the Left’s enemy

I found a great website named . Be sure to check it out.
It was included in a dialogue by Rush Limbaugh that really hits the nail on the head. To paraphrase; the question has to be why would you want to give legitimacy to a people whose goal is to end you and your families freedom and way of life; everything you hold dear, so that they can then rule over you by Sharia or Islāmic law?
It is well worth the read..

Liberals Consider Conservatives to Be Their Greatest Threat, Not Islamic Terrorism

RUSH:  Many of you in this audience think that we are losing America, that we are losing the country.  Many people outside this audience think the same thing.  Those of you who believe that have specific reasons for it.  It’s not quackery.  It’s not conspiracy theory related.  It’s not kookism.  It’s legitimate, careful analysis.  And I want to explain to you how Europe is losing itself.  I just want to close the sentence here. I want to dot the I’s and cross the T’s on this and wrap this up so that you are able to put all this together because for everything happening in Europe, there’s the United States counterpart.
Same thing is happening here.  They’re years ahead of us, but the same things that happened there and are happening here are beginning — well, have been happening for a while.
They’re intensifying here.  Even domestic militant Islamic terror, which, outside of 9/11, Fort Hood — see, when you think it’s just a couple instances, you start thinking it’s more and more.  But I want to go back first to this website,, which has a quite sensible and unique way of categorizing all the terror activity around the world in ways that the Drive-By Media do not report.  Something as simple as body counts, numbers of incidents, where they happen, the type of incident, what type of terror attack was it, in list form.  You don’t have to read 750, 1,500, 2,000 words to get this.  It’s just bam, bam, bam right there.I told you the numbers for the last 30 days, worldwide, last 30 days…3,221 people injured

1,165 people killed worldwide, just in the last 30 days. 

I want to give you the number for last year: 27,596 people were killed last year to Islamic terrorism, by Islamic terrorism, around the world.  Do you know how many people Ebola killed?  Well, it’s about 10,000 in that region, if you go to certain parts of Africa.

In 2015 there were 2,860 Islamic attacks in 53 countries; 27,596 people were killed, another 26,000 were injured in just 2015.  How many of you do those numbers surprise you?  Now, you might say, “Nah, it doesn’t surprise me stuff, I know this stuff’s all over.”  But you haven’t heard news accounts that would lead you to add that number or to get to that number by thinking of all the reports you’ve heard.  You can think of five or six major terror attacks that you heard about, 14 people killed here, 136 in Paris, but you haven’t heard anywhere near enough news to lead you to believe that almost 28,000 people were killed by militant Islamic terrorism just last year.  And the reason for this is multifaceted.  There are many reasons.  But Europe is making it easy by importing them.

Now, I want to go back to this woman, Federica Mogherini, who is the European Union foreign policy representative.  Think of her as Hillary Clinton at the State Department.  My point is that Federica Mogherini has many United States counterparts.  Many people think exactly as she does.  John Kerry thinks like she does.  Obama thinks like she does.  Hillary Clinton thinks like she does.  Joe Biden thinks like she does.  Take your pick.  Any prominent liberal Democrat thinks exactly like Federica Mogherini.

And what, again, does she believe?  She said Islam holds a place in our Western societies.  “Islam belongs to Europe.  I’m not afraid to say that political Islam should be part of the picture.”  She admits to looking at Islam as both a religion and a political party.  Its ideology makes it a political party.  Her mentality is what shapes and produces the situation in Western European societies.

So what’s happening in Brussels is no different than what’s going on in Syria or Madrid or London or Paris.  She draws no distinctions whatsoever.  Now, what’s interesting about her and her counterparts here in the United States is how absolutely blind, naive, and ignorant — and that’s in the best-case scenario she is.  The Muslim Brotherhood has a guy named sheik Yusuf Qaradawi, who is talked about in this column.  And sheik Qaradawi has openly declared that Islam will conquer Europe and America.  He’s written about it.  You can go read it today, if you want.  And he illustrates how they’re going to do it.

Today he claims they’re gonna be able to do it peacefully by an aggressive version of proselytism, which is where you pressure the home country to adopt your beliefs, in this case Sharia.  You just constantly pressure. You do it using the host country’s own political system.  You insist on fair treatment, equality.  You come in as a multicultural advocate, and you demand acceptance for what you believe under the existing laws of the country you’re attempting to overtake.  Depends on what country.

In some countries the brotherhood promises and encourages suicide terrorism, violence and war, but in places like Europe, we don’t need to do that.  Any terror attack is an added bonus.  We’re gonna win by persuading them that we’re just as legitimate as they are.  And with Federica Mogherini, they’ve succeeded.  And it looks like they’ve succeeded with Obama and John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.  They’re just as legitimate a political party as anybody else.  They’re just as legitimate a religion.  And have you heard Islam?  Nothing to do with terrorism.  Islam’s the religion of peace.

So you combine all that, and here you have the Muslim Brotherhood, sheik Qaradawi, actually writing and explaining how they’re doing it in Europe and how they’re gonna not stop there and how they’re going to keep coming.  The political goal is the conquest of Europe.  They’re open about it.  Federica Mogherini could read it, just as I have found it here.  You could read it.  It’s been published on websites as news stories.

So the question, why would you want to give a seat at your political table to people whose political goal is to end everything you supposedly believe in so that they can then rule by Sharia or Islamic law?  Do not misunderstand.  This is exactly what the objective is and we’re seeing it play out in Europe.  And we see the reaction to it in Brussels and elsewhere in Europe.  They cave to it and have been caving.  And all of these people caving have people just like them here in the United States.  But it’s all made possible by liberalism, folks.  This is the bottom line here and the real thrust and the point that I’m trying to make is that multiculturalism and liberalism is on the march in this country to destroy or transform what has always been this distinct American culture.

You look at hard work paying off, limited government, any number of things are being thrown upside down or disbanded and gotten away with and done away with.  And so there’s no way if these people succeed, there will not be an American culture to assimilate into.  And it’s all happening under the guise of fairness.  It’s all happening under the guise of equality and so forth.  And it makes no sense.  It makes no sense why anybody would passively sit by and let this happen.

It’s been my question about liberalism for as long as I’ve been alive, and the answers are scary.  They’re either really stupid and naive and can’t see what is right in front of their faces, or they share the belief that the United States is an immoral, unjust place and has been from the beginning and deserves this kind of overthrow, redefinition, transformation, whatever you want to call it.  I rather think it’s the latter, ’cause I don’t think they’re so naive and ignorant they can’t see this.  They see it and they’re just not bothered by it.


RUSH:  And one of the things I say frequently on this program, if you listen here regularly, is you’re on the cutting edge of societal evolution.  What’s gonna happen… I don’t know how long it’s gonna take — a week, a month, couple of months — but there’s gonna be something happen, and what I just spent the first 45 minutes of this program talking about is going to be become big news, and you’re gonna say: “I’ve heard of that. Where’d I hear that?  Oh, yeah! Rush talked about that.”  It’s the way this stuff always happens.

“I mean, the Republican campaign’s going on and he’s talking about terrorism?”  Because the objective here is to inform and get as many people up to speed on liberalism as the most destructive force in this country and world and what it’s doing.  And we have a way of seeing our own future by watching Europe.  It’s up to us whether we’re gonna go the same way or not.  But I just want to tell you, Snerdley just said to me, “Okay, you gave two possibilities for why people like Federica Mogherini in the European Union can look at Islam as an equal, coequal political party and feel unthreatened by it.

You say, “That’s either naive or purposeful.  How can it be?”  Because who’s the common enemy?  Who is and what is the biggest enemy of liberalism, folks?  Honestly now, ask yourself: Who do liberals consider to be their greatest threat?  It’s us, conservatives.  Republicans in some cases.  It’s not Islam.  It’s not terrorism.  They think they can deal with that.  Obama can make deals with Iran.  He can make deals with the Ayatollah Khamenei.  He can make deals with Hamas.  He can make deals with Hezbollah.

He’s gotta throw Israel overboard to do it, but so what?  Now go to Islam, militant Islam.  Who are their biggest enemies?  Christians, conservatives, right wingers.  The left — which is Islam. Militant Islam, is on the left, just as the Democrat Party is. Take a look their common political opponents or other kinds of enemies.  And it’s us, folks.  This is the thing that a lot of people can’t get through their heads.  We had 9/11.  We had Fort Hood.  Do you have Obama condemning it?  Obama will not condemn it.

Nobody in the Obama administration will condemn it. They will not even utter the words “militant Islamic terrorism.”  It will not be condemned.  We will be.  They’ll go to the end of the earth to warn everybody about us or whoever our political presidential nominee happens to be or whoever our spouse happens to be or whoever our popular media figures are.  They’re the worst reprobates in the world, if you listen to these people.  Far worse things are said about me than Obama and his people ever say about Islamic terrorism, and ditto Islamic terrorism and militant Islamists.

You look at the common enemies.  For some reason Obama and his crew do not look at Islam as a threat to their power.  Terrorism is a threat to their power, but they see that in us.  We are a threat to their power.  And we are.  We’re trying to take it away from them.  We’re trying to beat them in elections.  That’s not allowed.  That will not happen.  We pose too big a threat to them.  They could peacefully coexist with all these other people. They’re on the same place in the political prism.  They’re both out there on the left.  Both have the same common enemy:  The United States, Great Satan.

Here in America, the left thinks we’re unjust and immoral from the days of our founding.  Militant Islamists think we’re immoral and unjust because we’re infidels.  Remember I’ve told you: “You listen to the ex-president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and you couldn’t tell the difference in what he says about America than Joe Biden on the campaign trail, or Obama.”  They talk about this country in identical ways.  They talk about Republicans in identical ways.  We are their biggest threat, making us their central enemy. The American left, Democrat Party, and liberalism worldwide, its enemy is conservatism.

Conservatism, if ever it succeeded — really succeeded — would vastly shrink the source of power, wealth, and existence for all these people, and that is government.


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