Great letter and explanation from Chris Quakenbush, the newest member of the Lee County School Board. Note how Chris’ reaching out to the “Elite” leaders of the school board, culminated in no response for over 5 months.

And I thought it was unique here in Brevard, for “Elitist” Superintendent Blackburn, for over 2 months,to completely ignore this parent’s multiple requests to be involved in the processes that directly impacts what my and other parent’s children are exposed to.

It is really deplorable that our Brevard School Board, as a whole, chose to remain silent for years concerning the unconstitutional, indoctrination called Common Core. It is time to remove all, including Mr Blackburn from the School Board.


“The Elites have proven time and again, exactly what they are made of. Polished with dishonesty and deceitful chicanery, coupled with the amoral and unscrupulousness  desire, whether realized or unrealized, to topple America as founded, all for their own personal gain. In this quest; they say to hell with all other Americans, except those of the Elite Establishment.”

C Hamilton Boone

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Brevard County School Superintendent Blackburn blocks parents from being actively involved


Brevard County School Superintendent  Blackburn blocks parents from being actively involved in decisions that impact their children’s education.

Parents ROCK Brevard, (Right Of Choice for our Kids) , is a parent group focused on direct, impactful, decision-making for our children’s education in Brevard County Schools. Mr and Mrs Boone, are members.

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