We with school age children know all too well the unconstitutional, federally mandated, propaganda tool known as Common Core. It has been the scourge of Florida schools for years, with politicians, such as “Slick Rich”Workman ignoring the call for removal. I know, as I met with “Slick Rich”  around  2011 about this disaster and never heard from him again.

Well alleluia, the savior, known as “Slick Rich”, has ridden into town to save the day!! According to a”Slick Rich” mailer, HE is personally responsible for removing Common Core from the state!  Dang, I missed that one..didn’t you?

Yep, that’s right..Common Core is no longer in the state of Florida. Heck, that has to be true, for “Slick Rich” the politician has said so; and politicians never lie or mislead..right? Dang, I  can’t remember..is the Florida Legislature the 1st or 3rd most corrupt state legislature in the nation?

Version 2

Well, if you want the truth, which “Slick Rich” leaves out, here it is.

There was (and continues to be) a great uproar among parents, students and teachers about Common Core in the state of Florida. There were many protests throughout the state to have it completely removed, which never has happened.


The Florida legislature hatched a plan to fool the unsuspecting citizen.They took the Common Core standards, and changed less than 1% of the language, and then renamed it Florida State Assessments, (FSA).

“Slick Rich” and his cohorts believed that by changing the name from Common Core standards to Florida State Assessments, that we, the public would be too stupid to figure that out. So n”Slick Rich” evidently thinks he and his Tallahassee brethren have succeeded and decided to spread the lie in a mailer.

“Slick Rich” is no Conservative and he should not be allowed to remain in politics! “Slick Rich” and others like him, put the TICK in Politic..always sucking the life blood out of others for their own personal gain.

“The Elites have proven time and again, exactly what they are made of. Polished with dishonesty and deceitful chicanery, coupled with the amoral and unscrupulousness  desire, whether realized or unrealized, to topple America as founded, all for their own personal gain. In this quest; they say to hell with all other Americans, except those of the Elite Establishment.”

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