I have read Superintendent Blackburn’s thesis; SOCIAL-CULTURAL LEADERSHIP-THE ART OF RESTRUCTURING SCHOOLS THROUGH RESEARCH-BASED PRINCIPAL LEADERSHIP. In that thesis, are contained a myriad of examples of Mr Blackburn’s Progressive/Liberal constructs, distaste for parents, and his predilection for overwhelming control. His thesis is ALL about one section of the school population; the Black student and is the well worn Liberal/Progressive  agenda driven.

As a typical Liberal/Progressive( aka socialist), Mr Blackburn states the greatest disparities are with Black children. Why the disparities? Not enough money. His answer to the disparities? More money!

Mr Blackburn’s much repeated Progressive/Liberal claim that disparities exist due to poverty and the answer of more money, demonstrates his utter ignorance of the real problem..and therefore of the real solution. Mr Blackburn’s solution(s) will only serve to guarantee a buttressing and reinforcing the ongoing decline, destruction and dehumanization of the Black family.

In one aspect, Mr Blackburn is correct about racism; but predictably, he is nescient of the true culprit; the Democrat party. This enemy of the intact Black family also includes allies on both sides of the isle.

From Margaret Sanger, The Black Project, the KKK, to Woodrow Wilson; the Democrat Party’s degradation and removal of the Black Male from the family, with the predictable destruction of the Black family, has been the core intention of these soulless individuals and organizations.

The Federal government has become the new “Baby Daddy”, therefore forcing fatherless families to be locked into suckling at the tit of the government, with threat of removal of the “benefits”. If anyone in that family wants to earn an honest living, even for 1 minute, the family is punished by taking all welfare benefits away. This threat ensures a large, continuous voting block. That is called dehumanization!

FACT: where there are intact families; (an engaged father and mother), including those at or below the poverty line; the supposed disparities are virtually non-existent.

The Democrat Welfare state has done to the Black family what slavery and the KKK failed to accomplish;the utter destruction of the intact Black family, replete with a myriad of devastating, evil results,(see Chicago, L.A., etc.), all the while, rewarding amoral behavior with greater “benefits”..all for control of the individual. THIS IS SOCIALISM!

Again, this man, Mr. Blackburn, has ill will towards anyone, but especially parents, that do not follow his Liberal/Progressive dictates. Mr Blackburn has long realized that parents are the nemesis to his destructive agenda. Check out the demonstrations at High Schools in S. Florida against Mr Blackburn and his policies.

The Materials Challenge process is but one small example of Mr. Blackburn not wanting those that have the most important job in the community; the parent(s), having any meaningful impact whatsoever on BCSB policies or procedures. If he truly wanted what was best for our children in Brevard, Mr Blackburn would embrace; not ignore and stonewall any meaningful parent involvement.

With Mr Blackburn as our superintendent, I can assure all that we are headed down the wrong path, for he and his thesis fits perfectly into the Common Core indoctrination scheme. (For examples, see the 9th grade World History text or APUSH-Advanced Placement U.S. History).  Sadly, our school board never fought against implementation of Common Core.

Of note, Mr Blackburn sites John Dewey multiple times in his short thesis.

“Education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism and every American public school is a school of humanism. What can the Theistic Sunday schools, meeting for an hour, once a week and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?” John Dewey

John Dewey, father of progressive education.


  1. Great expose’ Ham….I suspected such after listening to him twice….its sad that Bill Mick sucks up to him so much!!! keep up the good work…..John


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