Inadvertently, I have made a new “friend” by the name of Muhammad Aamir . He says he is an American born Muslim, and is/was a student at the University of Illinois in Chicago. Anyway, he has taken exception with a FB post I made.

The post asked why if Linda Sasour, the darling of CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, can organize a Muslim demonstration outside of Trump Tower protesting Trump’s stance on immigration from 7 terrorist exporting countries,(which effects only ~ 15% of the world Muslim population), then;

“Where have you been when thousands of men, women and children(largely Muslim) were being slaughtered in the name of Islam? I did not see you nor any other Muslims or Imams organize demonstrations or prayer vigils, or openly and strongly protesting against Jihad. You and the NYC Muslims and Imams have been deafeningly quiet about the slaughter that continues to take place in the name of Allah.”

Instead, Sasour takes aim at Trump policies that will help curb and stop terrorist from being imported into the USA. Hmmm..and this is the Theocracy of peace?


The exchange is very enlightening as this young man seems to be completely disconnected from reality. He utterly misses the fact that it is not the LA Dodgers that are terrorists, it is not the NY Mets that are terrorists, it is not the Baptists that are terrorists, it is not the Protestants that are terrorists, it is not the Mormons that are terrorists, it is not the Catholics that are terrorists, or any other group that are terrorists. No, the group that celebrates beheading, burning alive, drowning, running over or blowing up people;…are the Islamic Terrorists!

So, again, I ask; where is the outrage in the Muslim communities? Where is the visible condemnation of these heinous acts by these Cowards and Losers in the Muslim communities? Where is the outrage by the Imams in the Muslim communities? Where are the mass demonstrations against the Islamic Terrorism in the Muslim communities? It does not exist!

Yes, you are correct; I am a hater!
I promote hate Islamic Terrorists! I’m proud to call myself a Terrorist Hater.
You seem ok with Islamic Terrorists, who kill more Muslims than any other group…yet I’m the “hater” for asking the simple question; why don’t all “peace loving Muslims” openly condemn Islamic Terrorists? Why don’t all “peace loving Muslims” organize marches and prayer vigils that strongly decry these Losers and Cowards?  
The “hate promotion” is by the Islamic Terrorists, aka Losers and Cowards, and those that choose to remain quiet. So, as I previously remarked;
“Where were you when the hundreds and thousands of men women and children were slaughtered in the name of Islam? I did not see you nor any other Muslim organize large prayers against Jihadist, in the name of peace.
NYC Muslims have been deafeningly quiet about the slaughter that continues to take place all in the name of Allah.
This is America, and no matter your religious affiliation, the safety of our citizens comes first, so each man, woman and child may practice their religion or atheism if they choose.” 
Muhammad Aamir
“Let’s begin with “Our Citizens?” I was born and raised here in Greenbay, Wisconsin and Chicago. So as many Muslim Americans. Yes, you’re hater! Do you know what that even means? It means despite the fact that over 99.7% Muslims WHO follow Islam live in Peace and have always STAND against Terrorism, A Who has LOST MILLIONS in Syria and Palestine due to these Terrorists, and those over 2 MILLIONS has been REFUGEE and LOST their home, YET your blind EYES can’t see that, Can it? Simply, because you don’t want to acknowledge the truth and facts. Importantly, those attacks which has been carried out is ONLY because of Media and people like you promoting ISIS agendas and calling them ISLAMIC and putting a name on it, INSTEAD of calling them “TERRORISTS” people like you are the reasons why ISIS (Anti-Islam, Anti-Christ) has become so influential because you promote THEIR agendas. It’s a shame to see, you’ve been in the cave for many years that you’ve not bothered to seek the truth. Yes, you’ve no decency because if you’re against TERRORISTS then We MUSLIMS 1.7b STANDING with you, sadly you’re against MUSLIMS which is a shame to even expect we will support your FALSE Statements. Muslims are fighting way more than any WESTERN countries, you know how? Because they’re not sending drones and killings thousand of CIVILIANS (Kids dammit!) along with few TERRORISTS and justifying their ACT, Instead we MUSLIMS are fighting these TERRORISTS on the FRONTLINE without anyone to support us on the GROUNDS. We hate ISIS and ANY group who kill any (despite of their religion or beliefs) innocent person. People like will never want to understand, because you’ve stopped using your brains, and have blindfolded your eyes! I,and 1.7b other Muslims, have DENOUNCED these Groups ever since 1960s, and every day since then. They’re our enemies, and they’re yours and so for whole humanity, period!”
So Muhammad, let me make sure I understand your point of view;.. the media and myself are responsible for ISIS, aka Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, not the ones taking heads off or raping or burning? That means that the media and myself are also responsible for Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabaab, Mujahideen, Ansar-al-Sharia, Boka Haram, Hamas, Hezbolla, Holy Land Foundation, etc, etc. ? That’s right, all of these groups are Islamic Terrorist groups. But you insist they have nothing to do with the Theocracy of Islam? Are we are responsible for them as well? Who is in the cave?
Pew Research tells a different story about Muslim attitudes to terrorism.
You are absolutely correct; ISIL is anti-Christ, i.e. Christian. But guess what, according to the Qur’an, so is the Theocracy of Islam! Here is what is demanded of Muslims, according to the Qur’an concerning Kafirs (all except Muslims);
9:29Make war on those who have received the Scriptures (Jews and Christians) but do to believe in Allah or in the Last Day. They do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden. The Christians and Jews do not follow the religion of truth until they submit and pay the pole tax(jizya), and they are humiliated.
33:60-They (Kafirs) will be cursed and wherever they are found, they will be seized and murdered. It was Allah’s same practice with those who came before them, and you will find no change in Allah’s ways.
76:4-We have prepared chains, fetters, and a blazing fire for the Kafirs.
Wahhabism and Sharia are Islam!
So, I have to ask again; exactly who is the hater and where does the hatred come from? In what book can you find the teaching of hatred based solely on another’s religious belief?  Where else is it taught that another human being, based on religious belief, it is acceptable, (per taqiyya) to lie to deceive the Kafirs, to subjugate, to fine (pole tax) and of course to murder ?
In the New Testament, one thing is taught; LOVE. Not beheadings, murder, rape, subjugation of women, in the name of the Lord. Only LOVE. Nothing about non-Christians being, tortured and murdered, etc., all in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.
Muhammad , I would ask you and the 100s of millions of peaceful Muslims to rise up and hold city wide, county wide, state wide and world wide demonstrations against the Radical Islamic Terrorists that have “hijacked” your theocracy. I would ask that Muslim communities to turn in these Radical Islamic Terrorist; and yes, that would include the Imams that preach hate and division. You and fellow Muslims would thereby take your theocracy of peace back.
I would be proud to stand with you, fellow Muslims and all religions of the world to stop the cowardly acts of the Radical Islamic Terrorists .


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