I for one am sick and tired of the obstructionism that is the Republicant party leadership.

We have won every area,  (house, senate, presidency) the Republicants have used as an excuse for not following the people’s will all in stupendous fashion! We got behind President Trump and he fought through and slew 16 Republicant candidates to go on and win the Presidency. It was clear that American voters ( not counting the illegal votes), wanted big change in Washington DC. That change has been stopped by the Republicants, the Donor Class and the leadership. 

Over in the House, we have Mr. Negative-in-Chief, Wis. Rep. Paul Rino Ryan. This self centered malefactor refused to campaign with Trump in Wisconsin, as well as vowed to block, aka obstruct #1 promise which was to end open borders, while introducing an effective and robust immigration enforcement policy. He also stabbed us in the back by fully funding Planned Parenthood Abortion Mills and Baby Parts Factory, while specifically prohibiting spending money on Trump’s border wall. Now lets add insult to injury; the spending bill also fails to penalize “sanctuary cities”. Sounds like the Democrats are the ones that won!

Over in the Senate:

  • Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell announced he will oppose Trump’s tax reforms.
  • Senator Lindsey Grahamnisty is joining Democrats in sponsoring new legislation to protect the “Dreamers” from deportation after their unlawfully granted legal status and work permits expire.
  • Senator Susan Collins will oppose any restrictions on Muslim refugees, no matter how weak and inadequate the vetting to weed out jihadists.
  • Senator Lame Alexander aims to protect major parts of Obamacare, despite five years of voluminous Republican promises to “repeal and replace” it if they never had the power to do so. That in the face of multiple plans presented over the years to fake the people out.

It all boils down to Democrat voters getting what they want, while Republicant voters get only regret, apologies and excuses! Democrats have long asserted, (and they routinely demonstrate) that they don’t have to win in order to beat the Republicants. Let’s hear it for reaching across the aisle!

We elected our Representatives and Senators expecting the words to match the actions. We have been sorely disappointed. I am sick and tired of getting “Conservatism as defined by the Chamber of Commerce and the Donor Class. Their  agendas are antithetical to the citizen’s who helped President Trump achieve a land slide electorial victory.

By the way; where are our “Representatives” defending Trump? It is deafeningly quiet as they sit back and watch him being lied about and savaged. These Republicants are the definition of the real cowards. I keep hoping to see my representative “give them hell”, but heck..he hasn’t even held a town hall meeting in years.

These ineffectual, cowardly, weak willed individuals come home during election season and swear Conservative principles, only to betray us and follow what the Donor Class and the Fake News Media demands. We will put the fear of the voters in their hearts only when these hypocrites are made to viserally understand, that it will be very detrimental to their careers to fight the Conservative base rather than the Democrats and Chuck-u-Shumer.


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