All Freedoms

For years, I’ve written about the purposeful manipulation of the news by the Main Stream Media in order to push the liberal agenda. Informing those wanting the complete story came in 2nd place to pushing that liberal agenda. Living on the Space Coast of  Florida, I concentrated on a publications such as Florida Today, USA TODAY, Orlando Sentinal, New York Times, the WaPo and many more. Of course, add to this the “alphabet” networks, NPR, CNN and many others.

Just as with  the Benghazi tragedy, were facts and testimony of those that were on the ground in Benghazi, was purposefully left out, Florida Today and others, all painted a picture of a caring and compassionate President Obama and Secretary Clinton. A picture of just how tough they were when they arrested and jailed a man that had absolutely nothing to do with the tragedy; (there goes that 2 tier non-justice system again).

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