All Freedoms

PLD stands for Progressives,Liberals, understand who and what they are..look below..


I’m watching the Senate vote for closure of the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, and what a PLD circus it is.

Republicans were all seated at the beginning of the vote and voted.

The Democrats, who for months, have all stated unequivocally, they would not vote for Kavanaugh, grand stand, walking in late, of course on camera, to cast their vote. They act like 2nd grade children,(no offense meant to 2nd graders).

Only Democrats, who have stated for months they would not vote for Kavanaugh,
are so egotistical and arrogant, would think we Americans, in this Representative Republic, are stupid and do not to understand that the vile Democrats are showboating and delaying.

Unknowingly, the PLD further demonstrate their horrid nature to more and more Americans , reflected in groups like , ATIFA, BlackLives Matter and their many George Soros funded demonstrators/agitators/attackers.


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