WMMB talk show host Bill Mick, is being attacked as anti-Semitic and a racist. Accusations were made by Florida State Representative, Randy Fine in a letter on Florida House of Representative stationary, to Mr. Bob Pittman, the Chairman/CEO of iHeart Media.

Mr. Fine is asking that Bill Mick be fired.

The reasons are laid out in Mr. Fine’s the letter to Mr. Pittman.


The WMMB talk shows Mr. Fine is referencing in his letter are; the “police chief”,  March 25, hour 3, towards the end ; and the “anti-semitic” April 11, mid 1st segment through the 2nd segment.

After listening, I found Mick’s remarks to be neither anti-semitic,( as he can be heard defending Jews), or racist in his statements. Instead, I found Mr. Fine’s assertion of be in fact racist. Using Mr. Fine’s flawed reasoning, by Mr. Fine mentioning Val Deming’s race, he is the racist.

Mick was opining on the qualifications of a Democrat appointed Chief of Police, which as we know, are appointments to what looks good and treating certain groups differently from others.

If you disagree with someone that is a Muslim, that doesn’t make you an Islamaphobe; conversely, not agreeing with someone that is a Jew, doesn’t make you anti-semitic… unless you are a liberal.

I found this somewhat odd, as I have had dealings with Mick since he began in radio, and during that time, I have never heard him say anything anti-semitic or racist. Granted, Mick can be extremely candid, and at times causing some to pause. But you never doubt where he stands. It is his show and his opinion.

In my view, the letter is an attack by an elected official, using his elected office as a bludgeon on a private citizen’s livelihood . And no Mr. Fine..that does not make me anti-semitic. It is my opinion.

In the Marine Corps we pledge to defend this country against all “evil”, foreign and domestic. I love that we have the FREEDOM to express our views, and anything short of yelling fire in a theatre is protected. If snowflakes can’t take it, or don’t agree with someone’s opinion, then they should tune to another station. Mr. Fine’s actions..and his HB 741 have some serious flaws.

I appreciate Mick’s style; but don’t always agree with his views. You will always know  where Mick stands on issues..which is more than I can say for politicians.


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