Ya know, I’ve been thinking, what would be a fitting award for an elected official that has used his office to attack a private citizen. Then, like a bolt of lighting, it came to me!

I decided a fitting name for this award for legislative cowardice should be the… HARRY REID AWARD. Harry Reid falsely accused Rush Limbaugh of saying.. “any soldier that does not support being in Iraq is a “phony soldier”. It was a lie!

(As a norm, I don’t use Wiki as a reference, but who ever put this together ht it out of the park..complete with references.)


The HRA will be an annual award that is presented to the legislator who uses his office to attack a private citizen. The HRA is based on the  best, untrue, whining sob story of being treated unfairly, with extra points added for “falling on the sword”, all for his/her “peeps”.

I have racked my brain and then, almost like a miracle, it came to me .The perfect legislator to receive this illustrious award. Nothing would be more fitting than to present the very First Annual Harry Reid Award to our very own Rep. Randy Fine.

Why Randy Fine?


Mr. Fine sent a letter to the boss of  radio talk show host, Mr. Bill Mick. The letter was sent to Chairman and CEO, IHEARTMEDIA, Mr. Bob Pittman. In the letter, Mr. Fine accused Bill of a lot, including anti-semitism. But alas, the podcasts prove that Mr. Fine lacked the facts. Mr. Fine was mainly name calling..which seems to be the fallback for those on the left, who are not able to debate issues on their merit.

Mr. Fine was not asking for an apology, but was going one up on Harry Reid. Mr. Fine asked that Bill be fired! 

Yep, damn the First Amendment, off with his head and full speed ahead. Bill Mick hurt my feelings and I demand that he loose his livelihood.

Intelligence and a working knowledge of the Constitution prevailed. Bill kept his job well as his opinion on the air.

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