Excellent with the difficult job of illuminating the many tentacles that feeds this Marxist group which thrives on death, destruction and mayhem.
Black Lives Matter might be viewed as a grassroots movement of concerned people gathering together.  It is much more.
Black Lives Matter is a corporation whose real name is Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation (BLMGNF). ( Yep…it is one of those capitalistic corporations they profess to hate.) The following information is on their web site.  It is a nationwide corporation!   BLMGNF has chapters in Boston, Chicago, Washington DC, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Lansing, Long Beach, Memphis, Nashville, New York City, Philadelphia, South Bend and in Canada in Toronto, Vancouver, and Waterloo. (If you were impressed by how all those recent riots erupted simultaneously from a grassroots movement…well…maybe not so grassroots.)
BLMGNF is a not-for-profit corporation but not tax exempt, so donations are not tax deductible.  Except…if you go to its website and want to donate, you are transferred to ‘ActBlue Charities’ which will take your donation , give you a tax deduction , and then distribute your donation to BLMGNF.   Sort of…
Who is ActBlue?
Taken directly from ActBlue’s web page, “Our (ActBlue) platform is available to Democratic candidates and committees, progressive organizations, and nonprofits that share our values for no cost besides a 3.95% processing fee on donations. And we operate as a conduit, which means donations made through ActBlue to a campaign or organization are considered individual donations”.
ActBlue consists of three parts : ActBlue Charities facilitates donations to left-of-center 501(c)(3) nonprofits; Act Blue Civics is its 501(c)(4) affiliate; ActBlue is a 527 Political Action Committee.  These three have raised over $5 billion dollars  in the sixteen years since it started.  If its 3.95% transaction fee has been applied to all donations, that equates to over $197 million.
So, ActBlue is a Democratic Party front affiliated with BLMGNF. If only it was that simple and stopped there.
Per Business Insider Australia, “ActBlue…distributes the money raised to Thousand Currents, which is then granted to Black Lives Matter”.
What is Thousand Currents (Formerly International Development Exchange)?
Again, per Business insider Australia, “Thousand Currents is a 501(3)(c) non-profit that provides grants to organizations that are…developing alternative economic models…”. (Is anarchy now an alternative economic model?) {I will add the destruction of capitalism}
“Thousand Currents essentially acts as a quasi-manager for Black Lives Matter : ‘It provides administrative and back office support, including finance, accounting, grants management, insurance, human resources, legal and compliance,’ (Executive Director Solome) Lemma said”. Finance, insurance, human resources, legal and compliance?  It sounds like General Motors!)
What is the significance of the above?
Black Lives Matter is not some fly-by-night fad that is going to loot and destroy and then disappear into the ash heap of history. It is a multi corporation, big business   which is heavily associated with and supports the Democratic Party and it is here to stay.   Arguing whether Black Lives or All Lives Matter is meaningless and distracts us from what it is trying to achieve.  It is a left-wing political movement that will have a significant impact on the Democratic Party programs for the foreseeable future.  Socialism and Communism are intimately linked to these efforts while the US Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights have no place in their plans.  Patrisse Cullors, one of Black Lives Matter’s co-founders is widely reported as saying, “We are trained Marxists”.
The president   of Greater New York Black Lives Matter said that if the movement fails to achieve meaningful change during nationwide protests, it will “burn down this system.”   Not the peaceful change we celebrate under our Constitution but violent change.  For those of us who like our Constitution, this is a challenge thrown in our face.
If you have wondered why politicians have danced around criticizing Black Lives Matter, now you know.
Sources of this information:  I suggest you open and read some of these sources.
HTTPS://BLACKLIVESMATTER.COM   (Chapters; Current Chapters)

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Dear SEC Commissioners,
I am an Alabama fan of 73 years. I love Bama and the awesome SEC. I turned off the Florida, Missouri game today due to the disrespect to America and its Flag. 
Also, I am a Us Marine Veteran.
Although I was raised in Florida, I will not support any team or network that chooses to air and support the false dangerous narrative of systemic racism and the Marxist organization, Black Lives Matter, Inc. On BLM’s website, two of the three founders brag about being Marxist trained. Marxism equals communism!
I find the actions of the SEC & it’s Network to demonstrate fake empathy, either through ignorance, fear of retribution or wanton pandering. Your actions have inflamed Americans.
Your support of these false, dangerous narratives and Marxism is an insult to American, the flag and the military.
I don’t go to politics for football and I most certainly will not go to football for politics.I am not the only one that feels this way.
Although I’m a Bama fan of 73 years, I will not watch another game, including BAMA, if the SEC chooses to promote these false, dangerous narratives, and/or the Marxist group, BLM.
Hamilton Boone, P.A.

2 QUESTIONS..which one benefits and which one suffers?

So why has Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos not implemented the total removal of ALL Federally mandated Common Core standards and encouraged states to replace them with proven standards that educate, instead of indoctrinate?

So why has Florida Commissioner of Education, Richard Cochran not implemented the total removal of ALL Federally mandated Common Core standards from Florida and replaced them with proven standards that educate, instead of indoctrinate? Continue reading

THE ORLANDO SLANTINAL; lying with the best of them

This morning, I was searching for information about drive thru and mail-in voting and came across a recent Orlando Sentinel editorial. Due to circumstances, I vote absentee ballot, which I mail in, but which is not the same as the “mail-in ballot”.

Here in Florida, the Mass Media(Fake News), is up to their usual distortions and outright lies in order to manipulate the masses. They have lost sight of their duty to accurately report the news and instead are focused on making up the news.

According to an ORLANDO SLANTINAL editorial, published September 9, 2020, President Trump instructed America to “vote twice”. The spewing of lies by this treacherous editorial board orders us..”not to follow the law-and-order president’s advice to break the law”.

My duty as a husband and father, is to make the best informed decisions for my family. Media’s duty is to that provide accurate information!

Media that chooses not to provide me with all the accurate information, purposefully distorting and lying to me, so I cannot make the best decisions for my family, which in turn harms my family is an ENEMY OF MINE! Continue reading


Concerning the Presidential election and Covid19;

HIS (played by Mark Zuckerberg) plan, is to make sure you get only HIS “facts”. HE alone, though Fakebood & Instagram, will decide which posts are accurate. HE alone will remove those found not worthy and redirect readers to HIS links with “credible” and “accurate information.The thing that I’m very sensitive [about] is having us be the ultimate deciders of what is right and wrong and true and false in the world.” 

HE professes that mail in voting, (where you don’t need to prove who you are), is safe, legitimate and free of fraud, and by extension, that Vote Harvesting is a myth. HE will decide how long AFTER the election votes may be counted, and by extension, declaring who the legitimate winner is.

Zuckerberg’s actions, through Fakebook & InstaGram, are reminiscent of the misinformation campaigns of the National Socialist Party of Germany and other Socialists regimes…claim you are representing the opposite of what you are actually doing.

Zuckerberg states,..”I generally believe that the best antidote to bad speech is more speech..”.

In Zuckerberg”s world, more means less.. Continue reading


I am a die hard BAMA fan and have been so starting at birth 73 years ago. My Grandfather was a BAMA fan and my Grandmother was an Auburn fan. My mom was a BAMA fan.

I have been with BAMA through great times and very lean times. I love BAMA football because it is had been about ONE THING ONLY; football and perfection.
Today, I am very disappoined! Continue reading