I am a die hard BAMA fan and have been so starting at birth 73 years ago. My Grandfather was a BAMA fan and my Grandmother was an Auburn fan. My mom was a BAMA fan.

I have been with BAMA through great times and very lean times. I love BAMA football because it is had been about ONE THING ONLY; football and perfection.
Today, I am very disappoined!

Coach Saban recently led a group of players in a little symbolic march on campus, supporting the Marxist Global group that is responsible for the ongoing death and mayhem in America today; Black Lives Matter, inc..

Everyone gave little symbolic speeches, which accomplished absolutely nothing.

Saban failed by not doing his homework concerning BLM, which illustrates a lack in in one area of leadership; providing the facts to his players, coaches, students and fans.

Saban failed all concerned by propagating the false and very dangerous memes..that there is systemic racism in America and the BLM is a peaceful group. The numbers do not lie

Saban failed to personally learn what BLM is and is not.

Saban failed to find out who is funding this ‘grass roots” global organization, which at last report, has over 1.2 Billion dollars.

Saban failed to explore and share the CDC & FBI numbers concerning “systemic racism”, aka homicides, deaths by police, black on black crime, etc. or all the FACTS behind the shootings.

Saban failed to say anything about the black & white men, women and children that have been murdered in conjunction with the BLM sponsored events.

Saban failed to explore the looting and mayhem in Democrat run cites across America where BLM is heavily involved, and why the deaths and destruction is allowed to continue.

Saban failed to investigate the BLM website and see one of the BLM objectives is “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement..”,

Saban, above all, failed to inform all concerned of the TRUTH.

The creep of Liberalism, aka Marxism/Communism, is slithering its way into and decaying every aspect of life; even Alabama football.

Roll Tide

Life: everyone is entitled to live.
Liberty: everyone is entitled to do anything they want to so long as it doesn’t conflict with the first right.
Estate: everyone is entitled to own all they create or gain through gift or trade so long as it doesn’t conflict with the first.

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