Concerning the Presidential election and Covid19;

HIS (played by Mark Zuckerberg) plan, is to make sure you get only HIS “facts”. HE alone, though Fakebood & Instagram, will decide which posts are accurate. HE alone will remove those found not worthy and redirect readers to HIS links with “credible” and “accurate information.The thing that I’m very sensitive [about] is having us be the ultimate deciders of what is right and wrong and true and false in the world.” 

HE professes that mail in voting, (where you don’t need to prove who you are), is safe, legitimate and free of fraud, and by extension, that Vote Harvesting is a myth. HE will decide how long AFTER the election votes may be counted, and by extension, declaring who the legitimate winner is.

Zuckerberg’s actions, through Fakebook & InstaGram, are reminiscent of the misinformation campaigns of the National Socialist Party of Germany and other Socialists regimes…claim you are representing the opposite of what you are actually doing.

Zuckerberg states,..”I generally believe that the best antidote to bad speech is more speech..”.

In Zuckerberg”s world, more means less.. Continue reading