THE ORLANDO SLANTINAL; lying with the best of them

This morning, I was searching for information about drive thru and mail-in voting and came across a recent Orlando Sentinel editorial. Due to circumstances, I vote absentee ballot, which I mail in, but which is not the same as the “mail-in ballot”.

Here in Florida, the Mass Media(Fake News), is up to their usual distortions and outright lies in order to manipulate the masses. They have lost sight of their duty to accurately report the news and instead are focused on making up the news.

According to an ORLANDO SLANTINAL editorial, published September 9, 2020, President Trump instructed America to “vote twice”. The spewing of lies by this treacherous editorial board orders us..”not to follow the law-and-order president’s advice to break the law”.

My duty as a husband and father, is to make the best informed decisions for my family. Media’s duty is to that provide accurate information!

Media that chooses not to provide me with all the accurate information, purposefully distorting and lying to me, so I cannot make the best decisions for my family, which in turn harms my family is an ENEMY OF MINE!


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