2 QUESTIONS..which one benefits and which one suffers?

So why has Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos not implemented the total removal of ALL Federally mandated Common Core standards and encouraged states to replace them with proven standards that educate, instead of indoctrinate?

So why has Florida Commissioner of Education, Richard Cochran not implemented the total removal of ALL Federally mandated Common Core standards from Florida and replaced them with proven standards that educate, instead of indoctrinate?

Is it because DeVos was a board member of former Fl. Governor Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Educational Excellence? FEE is one of two Bush pro-Common Core “foundations”, funded by Bill Gates and others, that shoved Common Core standards down our throats.

Is it because Alex Kelly was the principle lobbyist for FEE and is now Chief of Staff to Florida Commissioner of Education Cochran? Yep, you read it correctly, the principle lobbyist for Bush’s pro Common Core foundation FEE, is none other than the Chief of Staff for Mr. Cochran. Is he the reason that Mr. Cochran has totally ignored the history standards? 

I contacted Commissioner Cochran’s office and was told there that were no plans for removing the anti-American Common Core history Standards, which are vile indoctrination, and replacing them with accurate, pro American Standards.

FEE..what an appropriate acronym; it has “cost” Florida and our nation plenty. 

Hey Jeb Bush,,no conflict of interest there when you were governor!

K-12 Anti-America indoctrination via the Common Core standards, is disguised and willingly taught as History in our government schools. Add complacent School Boards, and you find the origin for the hatred in and of America, replete with its anti-police/victimhood rhetoric, violence, destruction and death.

K-12 government indoctrination is the breeding ground for the propagation of fake memes such as systemic racism, white privilege etc. It is the nidus for such Marxist groups (aka communist) , like as Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and many splinter groups that most of us have never heard of.

Once again, we see two sets of rules; one for the corrupt and one for the rest of us. Who benefits and who suffers? It is more than just follow the money; it is a lack of character and humility, as well as the intentional and purposeful disregard for the wellbeing of others and our country. 


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