Dear SEC Commissioners,
I am an Alabama fan of 73 years. I love Bama and the awesome SEC. I turned off the Florida, Missouri game today due to the disrespect to America and its Flag. 
Also, I am a Us Marine Veteran.
Although I was raised in Florida, I will not support any team or network that chooses to air and support the false dangerous narrative of systemic racism and the Marxist organization, Black Lives Matter, Inc. On BLM’s website, two of the three founders brag about being Marxist trained. Marxism equals communism!
I find the actions of the SEC & it’s Network to demonstrate fake empathy, either through ignorance, fear of retribution or wanton pandering. Your actions have inflamed Americans.
Your support of these false, dangerous narratives and Marxism is an insult to American, the flag and the military.
I don’t go to politics for football and I most certainly will not go to football for politics.I am not the only one that feels this way.
Although I’m a Bama fan of 73 years, I will not watch another game, including BAMA, if the SEC chooses to promote these false, dangerous narratives, and/or the Marxist group, BLM.
Hamilton Boone, P.A.

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