I for one am sick and tired of the obstructionism that is the Republicant party leadership.

We have won every area,  (house, senate, presidency) the Republicants have used as an excuse for not following the people’s will all in stupendous fashion! We got behind President Trump and he fought through and slew 16 Republicant candidates to go on and win the Presidency. It was clear that American voters ( not counting the illegal votes), wanted big change in Washington DC. That change has been stopped by the Republicants, the Donor Class and the leadership.  Continue reading

Are you tired of Liberals, Democrats and the FAKE MEDIA whining and lying about Russia?

I couldn’t have said it better. The REAL Russian Money Connection Liberals Are Refusing To Tell You – Exposed By Liz Wheeler

The REAL Russian Money Connection Liberals Are Refusing To Tel…

It will be the 10th window down, right after the Marine…


We are entering into a VERY SPECIAL and positive New Year. We have an incoming President that truly loves America and her people.  2017 will offer many challenges to Trump; least of which will be the unrelenting and baseless attacks from the usual suspects. You know who they are; the ones that are proven liars yet ask us to believe them.

We all have learned how to push back through social media and not to let any lie stand. This is our time to continue to fight for President Trump and  America

In the face of relentless attacks, I thought it proper to revisit a subject I touched on 7 or 8 years ago and further uncover the foundational principles of the Obama Administration, and the principles that explain his favoritism to Iran, unions, Black Lives Matter, radical environmentalism, illegal immigrants,  the slaughter of the police, and the degradation of America. Principles that ignite Obama’s far-reaching attempts to destroy American from within. Make no mistake..we are in the midst of a STORM…

Storm: “move angrily or forcefully in a specified direction..”

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This morning, my mother-in-law brought over the 12.18.16 Sunday edition of the Florida Today newspaper and was steaming. Why? She had read the headline: “SOME BIG GIVERS WIN TRUMP ROLES”, “despite pledge, president-elect relying on wealthy supporters”.  She automatically assumed it was the truth, which inferred that Trump had lied. What was the lie? That Trump had said he was using only his money to run his campaign. She had reacted (emotionally), just as the Liberals at Florida Today planned.

Allow me to do what Florida Today did not do; give you the full story.

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“My husband and I are both what most people would characterize as bleeding heart liberals.” -Darcey Addo, February 13, 2010

There are valid reasons to believe that Darcey Addo may not be the bipartisan moderate she claims to be. It is critical for taxpayers and parents to have all the facts about those who seek to represent them. Our local school system is highly important, and, therefore, the education decision-makers overseeing it must be thoroughly vetted. Read through this website to take a step in the direction of making informed decisions regarding those in local education.


“I do not support ‘school choice’.” -Darcey Addo, June 2016


“Happy Birthday, future Mrs. President! @HillaryClinton.”

-Darcey Addo, October 26, 2013



“Hillary Clinton came to be a woman I admired and respected…(she) has helped shape my convictions, both political and personal. I admire and respect her dedication and pursuit of justice.” -Darcey Addo, April 2, 2014


The Real Darcey Addo

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Right on schedule, FT hides information from the public..again! Right on schedule, FT went with the Liberal/Progressive candidate, Darcey Addo, who also hides information from the public. Birds of a feather ?

I am ok with a person being liberal or conservative, but do not lie to me by being deceitful, like Darcey Addo, while, hypocritically claiming to be “honest” and “authentic”.

So, exactly who is Darcey Addo and what does she represent?

Darcey is a candidate who trumpets being “.. transparent and authentic..”,while deceiving voters by totally sterilizing her ORIGINAL website of her extreme Liberal/Progressive foundation. A foundation that believes;
“..how we can begin to address the problems of urban schools until this much larger issue of institutionalized racism is first tackled.”

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A Conservative vs Socialist for School Board

November 8th is right around the corner, and things are heating up in the School Board race between Conservative, Tina Descovich and  Socialist, Darcey Addo.

To quote Ms Addo,..

“Hillary Clinton came to be a woman I admired and respected…(she) has helped shape my convictions, both political and personal. I admire and respect her dedication and pursuit of justice.” -Darcey Addo, April 2, 2014

So, Darcey idolizes a woman who is a Socialist and who..

*lied to the face of the mother of a son murdered in Benghazi.

*along with Pres Obama, put their political ambitions ahead of human life in Benghazi.

*lied to all Americans about the murder of 4 Americans in Benghazi.

*has corrupted the office of the Secretary of State for personal gain.

* has shown an absolute disdain for the rule of law.

*is a Common Core champion.

*wants to “fix” Obamacare.

*wants to raise ALL taxes.

*wants Open Borders

*wants to increase Syrian refugees by 500%

*wants to destroy the 2nd amendment.



It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.

– Henry David Thoreau