Notice what happened in the MITCH McCONNELL REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED SENATE. Americans repeatedly stabbed in the back by Republicans….from
On December 22, 2018 the 115th Congress was unable to reach a deal to fund some federal agencies through fiscal year 2019 after President Trump demanded $5 billion in funding for a southern border wall. The Senate had unanimously passed a bill to fund the government through 2019, without the border wall, the then Republican-controlled House amended the bill adding $5 billion in funding for a southern border wall. The Senate neglected to vote on that bill leaving it to die in the previous Congress.
When the REPUBLICANS controlled both houses of Congress, and could of easily provided the money for the WALL, Republicans purposefully, under the direction of
PAUL RYAN & MITCH McCONNELL, went against the wishes of President Trump and the American people who elected him.
The Shadow Government Republicans, along with their DemocRat cohorts, repeatedly ignored the wishes of the American people. Purposefully damaged our security, causing death of American citizens, harming our economy, all..for cheap labor.
The REPULI-CRATS’ SHADOW GOVERNMENT, in conjunction with their comrades in the Main Stream Media, the Obama Administration and Federal Agencies, have joined forces to pursue phony, manufactured investigations, all the while, demeaning and ruining many lives.
They are doing this for a multitude of reasons; the top being; 1) to protect Hillary Clinton’s”unsecured basement server” antics and the Clinton Crime Foundation from prosecution, 2) remove President Trump from office by phony investigations and attempting to lower his popularity numbers.
This is what a SILENT COUP looks like!

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Bruce Ohr’s efforts to secretly reshape the Trump probe started earlier in summer ’16

As each day dawns, we learn more of the 2 different systems of justice. One for fellow Americans and one for the Elite, aka the Swamp.

Through Bruce Ohr’s testimony, we understand more clearly the degradation and corruption that now defines the FBI, Dept of State, CIA, Main Stream Media and the Swamp cabal of Washington, D.C. and beyond. Continue reading


I have been wading through material to understand the framework of exactly the how and the why of the Obama Administration’s Uranium deal with Russia. I came across an excellent piece written by Andrew McCarthy,Esq. in the National Review; The Obama Administration’s Uranium One Scandal.
Here is a little history about Mr. McCarthy..
“It was McCarthy who, as Assistant U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York,  successfully prosecuted Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, (The Blind Sheikh) and nine others for seditious conspiracy, in connection with the World Trade Center bombing that predated 9/11 by eight years. Abdel-Rahman is now serving a life sentence at the Butner Federal Correctional Institution in North Carolina.”
As a side note, remember around the same time period, that President Obama with the help of Republican Senator Bob Corker, pushed through the IRAN DEAL, that allowed the #1 sponsor of Islamic terrorism, to have all sanctions lifted, receive billions of dollars in the dead of night and be allowed to ramp up nuclear development for “peaceful purposes”.

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“My husband and I are both what most people would characterize as bleeding heart liberals.” -Darcey Addo, February 13, 2010

There are valid reasons to believe that Darcey Addo may not be the bipartisan moderate she claims to be. It is critical for taxpayers and parents to have all the facts about those who seek to represent them. Our local school system is highly important, and, therefore, the education decision-makers overseeing it must be thoroughly vetted. Read through this website to take a step in the direction of making informed decisions regarding those in local education.


“I do not support ‘school choice’.” -Darcey Addo, June 2016

“Happy Birthday, future Mrs. President! @HillaryClinton.”

-Darcey Addo, October 26, 2013


“Hillary Clinton came to be a woman I admired and respected…(she) has helped shape my convictions, both political and personal. I admire and respect her dedication and pursuit of justice.” -Darcey Addo, April 2, 2014

The Real Darcey Addo

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I was wondering, have you seen the alliance formed by Dick Charbonneau and Darcey Addo on her Fakebook page? It is disturbing to me, for it is an entirely different picture of Charbonneau than what he presented at the RLC mtg.

Although he is not my choice, I have always considered him a little “wacky”, but harmless. I can see that he is not  harmless. To embrace a person that embraces an ideology that is antithetical to the US Constitution, Capitalism and the founding of America is, for lack of a better word, dumb.

Richard 2 Richard
Ms. Addo, besides being a Progressive/Liberal/Marxist, that admires such luminaries as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Elizabeth Warren; is also aligned, and is the Brevard representative of the United Opt Out. An innocuous sounding  organization isn’t it? It’s all about opting out of tests..right?

Not quite. UOO is a dangerous radical group. For instance, February 2016 , the UOO, at their annual meeting, had as their keynote speaker, was none other then Bill Ayres. Yep, the very same cop killing, Weather Underground,communist, who was a student of Saul Alinsky’s and a practitioner of Rules for Radicals. By the way, Rules for Radicals was dedicated to Lucifer!

So knowing this, you might understand how surprised I was when Charbonneau uncovered his true thoughts. Thoughts like like telling Addo that,..“We need to Teem up..” or “I’d have no problem with Darcy sitting next to me as a fellow board member”. So Charbonneau’s new alliance and object of admiration is with a Marxist. 

He fauns on about how smart “Darcy” is compared to the other candidates. Smart is not hiding what and who you are from the voting public! That is called deceitful and most definitely is not a sign of intelligence. It is a sign; to use a Darcey phrase..of not being “authentic”.

Wanting a Elizabeth Warren/Hillary Clinton Progressive, Marxist on the school board is not smart in any sense of the word. It is treacherous!

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As many of you know, I am very involved in education issues, especially the dismantling of the unconstitutional, age inappropriate, Data Mining, spirit killing BIG GOVERNMENT MACHINE known as Common core. The letter that follows was submitted to the Polk County School Board by a teacher and it echoes so much of what we as parents have endlessly cried out about. She nails what is so very wrong with the government intrusion into our children’s lives in the form of Common Core…

Today I resigned from the school district. I would like to share with you what I gave them. Feel free to share it if it strikes you as important. Continue reading


As for being one American, I am tired of President Obama skating around the consequences of his actions..actions that I believe were done purposefully to ferment the atmosphere of lawlessness and fear. How does he do that..his ever present compliment and complacent USA TODAY, NY TIMES, LA TIMES and of course, our very own FLORIDA TODAY and it’s staff of editors that are out there digging for the “truth”. Continue reading