We are entering into a VERY SPECIAL and positive New Year. We have an incoming President that truly loves America and her people.  2017 will offer many challenges to Trump; least of which will be the unrelenting and baseless attacks from the usual suspects. You know who they are; the ones that are proven liars yet ask us to believe them.

We all have learned how to push back through social media and not to let any lie stand. This is our time to continue to fight for President Trump and  America

In the face of relentless attacks, I thought it proper to revisit a subject I touched on 7 or 8 years ago and further uncover the foundational principles of the Obama Administration, and the principles that explain his favoritism to Iran, unions, Black Lives Matter, radical environmentalism, illegal immigrants,  the slaughter of the police, and the degradation of America. Principles that ignite Obama’s far-reaching attempts to destroy American from within. Make no mistake..we are in the midst of a STORM…

Storm: “move angrily or forcefully in a specified direction..”

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We with school age children know all too well the unconstitutional, federally mandated, propaganda tool known as Common Core. It has been the scourge of Florida schools for years, with politicians, such as “Slick Rich”Workman ignoring the call for removal. I know, as I met with “Slick Rich”  around  2011 about this disaster and never heard from him again.

Well alleluia, the savior, known as “Slick Rich”, has ridden into town to save the day!! According to a”Slick Rich” mailer, HE is personally responsible for removing Common Core from the state!  Dang, I missed that one..didn’t you?

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Great letter and explanation from Chris Quakenbush, the newest member of the Lee County School Board. Note how Chris’ reaching out to the “Elite” leaders of the school board, culminated in no response for over 5 months.

And I thought it was unique here in Brevard, for “Elitist” Superintendent Blackburn, for over 2 months,to completely ignore this parent’s multiple requests to be involved in the processes that directly impacts what my and other parent’s children are exposed to.

It is really deplorable that our Brevard School Board, as a whole, chose to remain silent for years concerning the unconstitutional, indoctrination called Common Core. It is time to remove all, including Mr Blackburn from the School Board.


“The Elites have proven time and again, exactly what they are made of. Polished with dishonesty and deceitful chicanery, coupled with the amoral and unscrupulousness  desire, whether realized or unrealized, to topple America as founded, all for their own personal gain. In this quest; they say to hell with all other Americans, except those of the Elite Establishment.”

C Hamilton Boone

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I will be out of the loop for a while, so I wanted to be sure to touch base with you all. This may be the only post before my hiatus,(quit smiling), or it may not. Just depends on how things are going by Monday morning.

I followed with interest all the hoopla about the recently passed ANTI-CORRUPTION BILL by 100% of the Florida legislature. Yep, every single Republican and every single Democrat voted for the so called Florida Today Network ANTI-CORRUPTION BILL. Coinciding with this rare voting anomaly, were recent studies that placed Florida either #1 or #3 in federal public corruption convictions.

So l began to ask, how is it, that the most or one of the most corrupt legislatures, ( money flows from Tallahassee), would vote 100% for a bill to correct the problem that is them!? Of course, here we have a great example of “cooperation” by Dems and Republicants. A kind of CYA strategy.

Additionally,the Florida Today and Mat Reed claim to have “spearheaded” this. This is the same Florida Today, along with Matt Reed that assured us that Obama was going to be great for America, that ObamaCare would save every family $2500/ year, that we could keep our doctor, that we could keep our health plan, That Common Core was great for our kids, that the IRS doesnt single our conservative groups, that Benghazi was due to a video, that Hillary’s emails are a Republican conspiracy.So…I ask questions..

This is along the same lines as a cat cleaning it’s own cat box…aint going to happen!  It just gets covered up!!


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Not Islamic Terrorists, but Conservatives are the Left’s enemy

I found a great website named . Be sure to check it out.
It was included in a dialogue by Rush Limbaugh that really hits the nail on the head. To paraphrase; the question has to be why would you want to give legitimacy to a people whose goal is to end you and your families freedom and way of life; everything you hold dear, so that they can then rule over you by Sharia or Islāmic law?
It is well worth the read..

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The world sees multiple beheadings, burnings and drownings of Christians and other Muslims by Muslims …and our President is mute. The President allows the America/Israel hating Islāmic State of Iran having sanctions removed, and billions of dollars given to these cowards that hate anyone different from them. All the while,our President is blind and mute to the responsibility of protecting Americans and their allies.  He chooses only to see what is good for Iran/Islam, while choosing to be completely blind the safety of our children and those of our allies, the world…and other Muslims.

I see our president and Sec of State, helping the Islamist cowards grow by creating a vacuüm in Libia that allowed ISSL and others, a place for their hatred of anyone different to grow. The President is mute..offering some very inconsequential drone attacks, while the radical Muslim/Islāmic cowards spread their hate Westward.

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Here is a Valentine’s love letter from Mr. Eric Miller, RPOF State Committeeman for Martin County to Vice Chairman, RPOF  Mr. Joe Gruters. It is very telling of the  “REPUBLICAN’T” party as a whole, both locally and nationally. Basically, Mr Miller is afraid of the “appearance” of impropriety due to Mr Gruters’ position with the RPOF and simultaneously being Chairman of Trump’s Florida campaign.

14 February 2016

Mr. Vice Chairman:              

As Americans we once again find ourselves at a crossroads as a Nation. We are at this juncture by no other reason than our own.  I am sending this open letter to you with the sense that if those with influence do not speak out now, we will all pay a heavy price when Liberty is lost and darkness consumes our Nation.

With Progressive elements now in control of leadership across both sides of the aisle, be cautioned that the Republican Party will either be known in history as the vehicle that solidified a National Socialist as President or we will be remembered as the people that restored our great Nation to a Constitutional Republic.

We can no longer feed our desire to “win at all costs” as Republicans and Americans with malevolent pomposity. It is time that we all begin to perform our political duties not in our own interests but based on our common American principles of Liberty.

Joe, I know you well enough to say that you are not the unprincipled shell of a man that Donald Trump is. Nor do you wish to bring harm to the name Republican. However, your position as Florida Co-Chairman of the Donald Trump for President Campaign is doing just that.

You are not the issue. Your title and how it is being viewed are the matter at hand.

I am respectfully asking that you choose between your office as Vice Chairman of the Republican Party of Florida and the position of Florida Co-Chairman with Mr. Donald Trump. The two positions create a contradiction of principle and do not allow for or give the appearance of unbiased behavior as Vice Chairman of the third largest Republican State in the Union.

I am sure that I echo a loud voice when I say that we would welcome the opportunity to have you on our side as a Party leader and as our Vice Chairman in Florida. Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter. I will pray that you are guided to make an ethical decision that is based on the principles of American Constitutionality and one that reflects best on our Grand Old Party.


Eric D. Miller

RPOF State Committeeman

Martin County


Mr Miller,

Talk about “malevolent pomposity”!

Sir, not to worry, the “name” of the “REPUBLICAN’T”  party of Florida has long been sullied! It is no longer the party of Lincoln, but a corrupt, double-dealing, exploiting machine, both locally and nationally. Continue reading