Are you tired of Liberals, Democrats and the FAKE MEDIA whining and lying about Russia?

I couldn’t have said it better. The REAL Russian Money Connection Liberals Are Refusing To Tell You – Exposed By Liz Wheeler

The REAL Russian Money Connection Liberals Are Refusing To Tel…

It will be the 10th window down, right after the Marine…

MATT REED: Who Needs A Gun in Viera-Another “reasoned” piece by Mr Reed.

I read Mr Reed’s article in the Florida Today online,(I dropped my subscription to the liberal FT in 2000), and again, as in many past articles, I find facts lacking.

“If Brevard commissioners want to let groups exercise their rights to insult radicals — and won’t provide armed security — it’s only fair to let meeting-goers fend for themselves.” 

Well, well, well,…I didn’t know that ACT’S mission was to “insult” terrorists. Ah yes, it’s all about being fair, isn’t it Mr Reed!  I believe that ACT’s mission, in part ,was to educate myself and other citizens about exactly what Islam is.. and is not. According to ACT’s website, in part, their mission: ACT for America is the nation’s largest non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots organization devoted to promoting national security and defeating terrorism.”

If you have watched, the overwhelming worldwide terrorism is through and by Islam associated groups, so I applaud ACT. How about you Mr Reed? Continue reading


As for being one American, I am tired of President Obama skating around the consequences of his actions..actions that I believe were done purposefully to ferment the atmosphere of lawlessness and fear. How does he do that..his ever present compliment and complacent USA TODAY, NY TIMES, LA TIMES and of course, our very own FLORIDA TODAY and it’s staff of editors that are out there digging for the “truth”. Continue reading


Are you like me and feel overwhelmed, that no matter what you do…no one… or at the very least , very few are listening? There seems to be a new crisis daily or a new “cause” to champion among the left and bring to the forefront; many times, causes that I laugh at when first mentioned.

I stumbled across a piece on the website that explained in wonderful and simple detail exactly what is happening and what can be done to “turn our ship of state” back in the direction that our founding fathers had designed. The good news is 2 fold; that the TOOLS OF THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA, HOLLYWOOD,WANNABE DICTATORS AND ACADEMIA are not new and, they (the oppressors) cannot survive where free expression and association is practiced. Continue reading

Wisconsin’s Shame: ‘I Thought It Was a Home Invasion’

We all have seen the different degrees that the left, whether in the media, in politics or socially, will go to effect elections and interfere with American’s freedoms in the process. This is done without remorse and as a matter of privilege. We have seen this process play itself out time and again with the NSA, IRA, the State Dept….etc, etc.
Thanks to the National Review, we now have another instance with the Thugocracy of the Unions and corrupt Law Enforcement. The setting is Milwaukee, Wisconsin; the targets are the supporters of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

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