I have read Superintendent Blackburn’s thesis; SOCIAL-CULTURAL LEADERSHIP-THE ART OF RESTRUCTURING SCHOOLS THROUGH RESEARCH-BASED PRINCIPAL LEADERSHIP. In that thesis, are contained a myriad of examples of Mr Blackburn’s Progressive/Liberal constructs, distaste for parents, Continue reading


We with school age children know all too well the unconstitutional, federally mandated, propaganda tool known as Common Core. It has been the scourge of Florida schools for years, with politicians, such as “Slick Rich”Workman ignoring the call for removal. I know, as I met with “Slick Rich”  around  2011 about this disaster and never heard from him again.

Well alleluia, the savior, known as “Slick Rich”, has ridden into town to save the day!! According to a”Slick Rich” mailer, HE is personally responsible for removing Common Core from the state!  Dang, I missed that one..didn’t you?

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Great letter and explanation from Chris Quakenbush, the newest member of the Lee County School Board. Note how Chris’ reaching out to the “Elite” leaders of the school board, culminated in no response for over 5 months.

And I thought it was unique here in Brevard, for “Elitist” Superintendent Blackburn, for over 2 months,to completely ignore this parent’s multiple requests to be involved in the processes that directly impacts what my and other parent’s children are exposed to.

It is really deplorable that our Brevard School Board, as a whole, chose to remain silent for years concerning the unconstitutional, indoctrination called Common Core. It is time to remove all, including Mr Blackburn from the School Board.


“The Elites have proven time and again, exactly what they are made of. Polished with dishonesty and deceitful chicanery, coupled with the amoral and unscrupulousness  desire, whether realized or unrealized, to topple America as founded, all for their own personal gain. In this quest; they say to hell with all other Americans, except those of the Elite Establishment.”

C Hamilton Boone

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As many of you know, I am very involved in education issues, especially the dismantling of the unconstitutional, age inappropriate, Data Mining, spirit killing BIG GOVERNMENT MACHINE known as Common core. The letter that follows was submitted to the Polk County School Board by a teacher and it echoes so much of what we as parents have endlessly cried out about. She nails what is so very wrong with the government intrusion into our children’s lives in the form of Common Core…

Today I resigned from the school district. I would like to share with you what I gave them. Feel free to share it if it strikes you as important. Continue reading


Besides the well documented problems of Common Core such as the Unconstitutional federal takeover of our children’s education, Data mining, poor math and literature standards, age inappropriate materials and removing the parent from the decision-making of their child(s) education; we can now add to it, less time allocated to teach our children. All in the name of money! Continue reading

The Common Core can’t speed up child development

Parents and Patriots,

Here is an excellent article about yet another problem with the unconstitutional, invasive, age inappropriate indoctrination known as Common Core; this time pointed out by a Loyola University physics  professor. Strange, his field is college physics, yet our Brevard County school board members do not care enough for our children to actually learn about what Common Core is and is not; and that is supposed to be their job!

“Our kids aren’t getting dumber. It’s the unrealistic expectations of the Common Core that are the problem…..”

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It has been and continues to be a fight against the unconstitutional, implementation of Common Core in our schools and the attendant loss of parental control to guide our child’s future. The man who was the architect of CC and is the new President of the College Board is David Coleman. The College Board is responsible for the SAT and the ACT entrance exams for college. He has made sweeping changes to the AP HISTORY course, which can be described as only anti-American, that is antithetical to the original AP HISTORY standards which have been followed for decades.

For those of you that have not yet heard of the anti-American changes to curriculum that the College Board is making in AP History…STOP and take notice. I am requesting that it be pulled from Brevard Public Schools and all Fl schools.

The short and concise article is well written, informative and provides ammunition to have it removed. Continue reading