THAD ALTMAN-just like a liberal.

I am sitting here with a great piece of propaganda that would make any “regime” proud; rightly so, as I am sure that the rest of our fine state delegation from Brevard are. It concerns our good buddy; the man who is always looking out for the little guy, none other than Thad “The Impaler” Altman; aka Senator Altman, giving us a “tax break”. Man, what a big heart he has. I must say that this mailing is also one of the best pieces of comedy I have read in a long time! Continue reading

Common Core From A Fighting Dad

As a disabled Viet Nam era Marine and the father of a 15 year old son, I have been fighting Common Core since 2008, when hearing about Federal bride to states known as Race To The Top. RTTT was foisted upon my state. I smelled a rat and was right. Simply stated,Common Core removes parents from directing their child’s education, allows an unconstitutional intrusion by the Fed to indoctrinate and to psychologically manipulate our children.
Here in Florida, Gov. Scott, along with Reps. Workman & Tobia, for the love of money and influence , has sold us out. He and his ilk, by tweeking around the edges of the CC standards, leaving 98% unchanged, then changing the name of the Common Core standards to the Florida Sunshine State Standards. Please, we parents and teachers of Florida are not that dumb; “putting lipstick on a pig is still a pig”.
The standards are still the same untested Common Core Standards. There are millions of us out there across the country, that see this for what it is from an administration out of control and will continue to fight.
Semper Fi,
“…whoever has the youth has the future”
Mein Kampf
Adolfo Hitler



Hi Matt,

In your January 24th Florida Today article, How Florida gave schools Common Core, you paint myself, other parents and citizens as making the Common Core issue, “.. a highly dramatized story — much of it fiction.” In your article you present information that is questionable. Would you please give me the list of the Brevard County teachers, aka “educators” that wrote the Common Core Standards?

Your Progressive/Liberal self showed itself when you stated that  we concerned and informed constitutionalists, independents and conservatives feel, “Common Core” harkens to black helicopters and a New World Order ” and that “There’s a big fear on the right about this massive government overreach,”. Continue reading

What REALLY is Common Core

Ham presented this paper at the BPS Community Forum meeting on Common Core, 9-12-2013; held at the BPS Viera complex, .

It should go without saying, but warrants repeating; that no one has a greater right than the parents to determine what is best for their child. Continue reading

Audit of Bill Gates Buying Influence over 50 Million Students

Ya know, it seems more and more each day, that some say America is a country of “Sheeple”.  We are no longer the self-directing individuals, thinking for themselves and their families; a hallmark of our great country…and the light that brought so many to our shores. But, along with that assertion, must come the reality that so much of what is fact, is not offered to the “masses” by way of the Media, ie; Florida Today, CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS MSNBC, etc, etc. I find this article to be quite compelling, with all of its references for authentication..

A big thanks to Mercedes Schneider, of for her great work. This is an ongoing series.

C. Hamilton Boone Continue reading


Proponents of Common Core Standards (CCS), say it is a state lead, uniform set of educational standards, using “international bench marked” guidelines, by which we will be able to base our children’s progress. This would lead America to once again becoming a leader in education in the world and thereby preparing our students to be successful academically and in the workplace. So, in essence, this would give control of local academic standards to the Department of Education, (DOE) in Washington, DC.

The reality: Continue reading

Questionable Quality of the Common Core English Language Arts Standards

Dr. Sandra Stotsky of the Pioneer Institute and the University of Arkansas, a member of Common Core’s Validation Committee who refused to sign off on the Standards, criticizes the ELA standards as “empty skill sets . . . that weaken the basis of literary and cultural knowledge needed for authentic college coursework.”Common Core’s focus on skill sets rather than true content is unlikely to genuinely educate students in English.”

Questionable Quality of the Common Core English Language Arts Standards.