How it works: Netflix exec & wife bundle big donations to Obama in ’08. Wife is rewarded with ambassadorship. Now Netflix exec steers $50m contract to the Obamas through ‘Higher Ground Productions.’
Exactly why we are leaving NETFLIX!!
Hiring those that hurt & lied to America (Benghazi, Obamacare,IRS,Fast&Furious,etc) … is Despicable!

I will spread the facts so others may make their choice.


God morning Patriots,

A good friend of mine sent this article published in TownHall to me. The  author is Evan Sayet, and the article is entitled He Fights.

This is a spot on assessment of why President Trump was elected,and why each day, more Americans stand up for him. This goes to point whether you voted for him or not.

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The Politically “Independent” columnist…aka Obama’s Cronie and the Home Grown Leftist Media

This is from a post of mine from 2013, but deserves reporting. We..our beloved country, is in hot water on multiple fronts due to the Liberal Press not reporting all the facts so we may make our OWN choices for ourselves and our families. Matt Reed and the Florida Yesterday is among those that chose deceit over the absolute truth. they chose themselves the arbiters of what information we would receive..or as Matt once told me, “we print what AP sends us”.

This morning, I read Matt Reed’s column; Now own up to the costs, Mr. President.

Nice luke warm article. Matt, along with the blessing of  Ex. Editor, Bob Stover, by under reporting, you allowed the abuses, lies, cronyism and distortions of our Marxist president to continue. Matt and Bob, Obama didn’t “mislead” us; HE LIED!

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