About 2 weeks ago, my wife and I went through the 2nd part of a process to contest a book found in the Media Center, (aka library) and AP English Lit/Composition course.

We had originally encouraged our son to take the course, believing that it would be good for him to hone his skills for taking his thoughts and putting them pen to paper. Sadly, this class was not that at all. It has turned out not to be so.

I have attached direct quotes from Beloved, so you may understand our concerns. Please be advised that there will be some crude and inappropriate language.

The particular work was Beloved, Toni Morrison. A work of fiction about what life was supposedly like for slaves in the pre-civil war era. Beloved, which is available for children, age 13-17 years of age at Satellite High School, has extremely descriptive scenes. Scenes, such as comparing sexual intercourse between a calf and a woman, Continue reading