Yep, once again, a radical Islāmic state benefits from Obama’s wishes. As a matter of fact, if you look at any event in which a radical Islāmic state or representative was involved; if Obama is in the mix…they benefited..ALWAYS!

ISIS runs amuck decapitating Christians and he does nothing, and they grow into a “Varsity”. Whether it was the tough boy line in the sand, or coldly, ignoring the cry for help of Ambassador Stephens and others in Benghazi, or telling the King of Egypt to step down or sending millions to the Muslim Brotherhood to help bring Sharia law to the Egyptian people, etc. etc., the bad guys always benefited..ALWAYS!

Well, President Obama has done it again; as he put it,“..wants Iran to be the power in that region”. Iran, the largest sponsor of terrorism(cowardice), whose leaders have said multiple times, that they will destroy “Big Satan and Little Satan”, i.e. the United States and Israel, has now been given the go ahead to pursue Nuclear weapons by Obama. With Obama, the bad guys benefit and America and our allies suffer..ALWAYS!

As President Obama’s actions show, he is, at the very least, a radical Islāmic sympathiser, and at the very worst, a very mindful radical Islamic participant in the free world’s demise! He puts the safety and well-being of the American people and America’s allies last, ALWAYS!

David Horowitz, of The Times of Israel gives us a simple, yet jaw-dropping overview of what was given to Iran today. Continue reading